Sharing your voice – a social night for disabled people

Wellington Access Radio are proud to announce their event ‘Sharing Your Voice – A Social Night for Disabled People’.

With speakers, food and drinks, the event aims to create a space for disabled people to share experiences, talk accessibility and explore new ways to be heard.

Event organizer and Wellington Access Radio Accessibility Advisor Sam Morgan says that the event is important for a number of reasons.

“Often, we look at disability in a negative light with a deficit mindset. This event is a chance for us to get together and celebrate our unique voices, perspectives and abilities,” he says.

“We are so excited and happy we can create a safe space for us to gather and korero.”

The speakers will be Áine Kelly-Costello and Johnathan Mosen. Áine is a climate justice and disability rights campaigner and journalist. They’ve hosted several podcast series centering disabled voices on leadership, migration, independent living and climate justice. Áine hosts the Enabling Commons podcast that provides space for dialogue among persons with disabilities to explore strategies that will transform our environment, our commons, to be meaningfully enabling for all.

Jonathan Mosen is an experienced podcaster and advocate. He started podcasting in 2004 and runs the Living Blindfully podcast which is devoted to helping blind or low-vision people live their best lives.

The event will be fully accessible, with an accessibility information sheet provided to all participants, separate chill-out rooms and New Zealand Sign Language interpreters for the two speakers. The event will also be livestreamed.

Station Manager Pip Adam says “We’re incredibly grateful to Sam for creating this event and are looking forward to the night.”

For more event information contact