CAMA newsletter: July 2023

Access media joins forces with StatsNZ

Thanks to partnering with marketing and advertising agency VMLY&R, a StatisticsNZ campaign featured across each of the 12 stations in June.

Designed to encourage people to complete the census, the campaign was in a number of Pacific languages and were attached to Pacific interest shows.

Whether it’s on-air or online, digital media is a simple and inexpensive way to talk to your community-of-interest in any language.

Whether you’re a government entity, NGO, non-profit, company, or organisation, we can help you tailor your messages to speak directly and authentically to your target audience.

We represent many niche communities, and our listenerships change completely from programme to programme. The number of listeners at any given time will typically be smaller than mainstream media, but fully representative of their language, ethnicity or special interest; meaning messages can be reliably targeted.

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Hawkes Bay variety show a huge success

When the Grit Hits the Fan came to Napier and Hastings on May 20 and 21 for families affected by Cyclone Gabrielle.

The free variety show, organised by Pea-Knuckle Productions and Radio Hawke’s Bay, featured children’s entertainer Suzy Cato, Captain Festus McBoyle’s Travellin’ Variety Show, the Kahurangi NZ Māori Dance Company, Le Cirque de JP, and local bands Naked Gun and Power.

“The show’s purpose was to bring joy and aroha to one of the regions hardest hit by cyclone Gabrielle,” Radio Hawke’s Bay station manager Kelly Reid said.

“It was a chance to ensure that mental health and wellbeing prevails. Laughter is the best form of medicine, it improves oxygen flow and releases feel good endorphins.

“It is vitally important that the mental health and wellness of the community is provided for.”

The event was sponsored by Stats NZ, the Lotteries Commission, Eastern and Central Community Trust, NZ Red Cross, the Hawke’s Bay Foundation, music rights management organisation Apra Amcos, The NZ Music Commission, Rotary and Lions.

Weleda NZ, Whittaker’s Chocolate, Farmlands NZ and Classic Sheepskins also sponsored gifts for the event.

Plains FM resources for schools

With the push for schools to create authentic learning experiences by integrating digital technologies and project-based learning into the classroom, busy teachers carry the burden of learning, planning, teaching, and assessing topics outside their expertise.

Plains FM has created a comprehensive programme that takes students through the audio content production process and reduces the amount of time teachers need to spend planning, preparing, and organising these projects.

You can download a FREE activity from Content Making for Radio and Podcasts here.

To learn more, see here.

Kiribati Language Week/ Te Taetae ni Kiribati (Sunday 09 July – Saturday 15 July)

Mauri! Pacific language weeks are a staple of the Access Media calendar, and from July 9-15 Aotearoa celebrates Te Taetae ni Kiribati, Kiribati Language week.

There are over 3,000 Kiwis who identify as i-Kiribati, the majority of whom live in Auckland. Planet FM presents a weekly Kiribati programme, Kiribati Voice, hosted by Charles Enoka. The
show caters to i-Kiribati in Tāmaki Makaurau and beyond, and features music, news, community notices, interviews with community leaders and information around surviving and thriving in Aotearoa.

Hear Kiribati Voice on Wednesdays at 11.35am on 104.6 Planet FM / See more about Kiribati Language Week (MPP) here and here.

Pacific Language Weeks 2023
Rotuman: Sunday 7 May – Saturday 13 May
Samoa: Sunday 28 May – Saturday 03 June
Kiribati: Sunday 09 July – Saturday 15 July
Cook Islands: Sunday 30 July – Saturday 05 August
Tonga: Sunday 03 September – Saturday 09 September
Tuvalu: Sunday 01 October – Saturday 07 October
Fijian: Sunday 08 October – Saturday 14 October
Niue: Sunday 15 October – Saturday 21 October
Tokelau: Sunday 22 October – Saturday 28 October

Terry Shore celebrates 18 years at Wellington Access Radio 

The name Terry Shore is well known throughout the musical community in Wellington. In fact, you are likely to hear the words ‘local legend’ following his name.

Terry is a singer-songwriter who has been presenting Terry’s Songwriters Show on Wellington Access Radio for 18 years. The show gives a chance for local unsigned artists to share their original music and be interviewed on air by Terry.

“I have had hundreds and hundreds of musicians on my show over the years,” says Terry. “I usually see people at open mic nights and then approach them to see if they want to come on my show. It’s all about giving unknown songwriters a chance to show what they do.”

Some of those songwriters have gone on to make a name for themselves in the New Zealand music scene. Terry remembers showcasing Mel Parsons and Louis Baker in the beginning of their music careers and is proud of the fact that he has been able to help promote local artists.

Wellington Access Radio is celebrating Terry’s anniversary by putting together a special programme featuring snippets of his many shows from the last 18 years.

Terry is a singer-songwriter himself, with five albums and an EP to his name. He has been playing music in Wellington for the last 28 years and was recently featured on the Flying Nun video showcase ‘What Was That Thing?’.

Terry’s Songwriter Show won the Best Access Show at the 2007 New Zealand Radio Awards.

You can listen to Terry’s Songwriters Show on Saturdays 2.30-3pm, on Wellington Access Radio 106.1FM or livestream via

Take It From Us celebrates win at NZ Radio Awards

A big congratulations to the Take It From Us team and Planet FM 104.6 for winning the Best Access Programme at this year’s NZ Radio Awards.

Sharing real voices and real stories, Take It From us explores the world of mental health, with lived experience at the forefront.

And congratulations also to Suzy Cato for winning the Best Children’s Radio Programme for Suzy & Friends! You can listen to Suzy & Friends every Saturday morning at 11am on Wellington Access Radio 106.1FM.

Shout out to the finalists from Plains FMAccess Radio Taranaki 104.4 FM and Wellington Access Radio 106.1FM.

Media content and online safety consultation

The Department of Internal Affairs announced its proposals to regulate online and media platforms in June. It included a panel discussion with the Classification Office and the Broadcasting Standards Authority.

The discussion document ‘Safer Online Services and Media Platforms’ is now released for public consultation. All consultation material, including the discussion document and how to provide a submission, is available here.

New NZ On Air fund first of its kind for Pan-Asian music community in Aotearoa

The NZ On Air New Music Pan-Asian fund was designed to increase the amount of quality Pan-Asian music content available in Aotearoa, and to support artists to connect with Pan-Asian and mainstream audiences.

It was created due to the lack of equitable representation of Pan-Asian artists in the music sector.

“At NZ On Air, we have produced a Music Diversity Report since 2020 that shows Pan-Asian New Zealand musicians are under-represented in the Aotearoa music sector,” says NZ On Air Head of Music, Teresa Patterson.

In 2021/22, the total number of applications to the New Music Single fund from applicants who identified as Asian was 4.14%, up from 3.56% in 2020/21.  The number of applicants to the New Music Project fund who identified as Asian dropped from 4% in 2020/21 to zero in 2021/22. There were, however, 4.4% in 2021/22 who identified as European and Asian.

NZ On Air consulted with Pan-Asian representatives of the Aotearoa music community – to ensure, from the outset, that there was a clear understanding of the challenges for the Pan-Asian community and how funding would help address those.

Square has also previously commissioned preliminary research by CARE (Centre for Culture-Centred Approach to Research and Evaluation), with support from the NZ Music Commission, about the difficulties faced by Asian New Zealand musicians in accessing fulfilling and sustainable music-related work.

NZ On Air has successfully invested in Pan-Asian screen development and production initiatives previously with the Pan-Asian Screen Collective (PASC), to provide targeted investment to strengthen Pan-Asian participation in the screen sector.

See here for more.

Inclusive Aotearoa Collective announces Coalition for Better Digital Policy

The Coalition for Better Digital Policy is a project that Inclusive Aotearoa Collective formed alongside Amnesty International Aotearoa New Zealand and Tohatoha.

The initiative behind this project is to improve the Code of Practice for Online Safety and Harms. This Code was developed by several transnational digital platforms, as well as New Zealand’s non-profit online safety organisation, NetSafe, and is now hosted by NZTech.

Concerns with the Code include:

  • The Code’s self-regulation is not credible.
  • The Code isn’t focused on Aotearoa.
  • The Signatories’ community engagement has not been effective nor credible.

The Coalition aims to enable robust, inclusive, and effective regulation of technology, with a focus on upholding human rights and preserving the benefits technology provide.

For more information see here.

Anti-racism flashcards 

Last year, Inclusive Aotearoa was also involved in an anti-racism hui hosted by Suki Xiao of As You. The purpose of the hui was to share stories and discover ways to counter everyday racism. From the workshopping that took place, we have developed these flashcards that you can print out, cut, and keep as shorthand anti-racism cues!

Link to the pdf (in colour). Link to the pdf (in black and white).

Community Networks Aotearoa launches ‘Better Banking’ report 

Last week Community Networks Aotearoa released ‘Better Banking For All – Creating Ease of Banking for the NFP Sector’ – an in-depth research report that sheds light on the sheer grit, determination and Herculean perseverance that is required for smaller Not-for-Profits to get banked.

See here for the press release. Read the full report here.

Crisis in Sudan – a Free FM special report

Sudanese democratic aspirations have been dashed three times since gaining independence from Britain in 1956. The latest move toward democratic rule was upended on April 15th this year when two of the Generals on the transitional ruling council went to war with each other. How did this affect New Zealand? Sudanese Kiwis explain.

Produced and presented by Andrew Johnstone.
Voices: Dr Ala Farah, Dr Reem Abbas, Mohammed Abdelmonen, Sara Raban, Leena Khair
Music: Noori and his Dorpa Band, Mohammed Wardi, Maha AJ, Abu Obaida Hassan, Sammy Matalib, Ya Dunya


Ordinary Life 

Kitty Fitton is a normal woman living an ordinary life with an ordinary diagnosis of Parkinson’s. Join her as she talks to guests about living with disability or chronic illness; or as they might put it, living. Life is full of laughter, fun and the absurd, you just need to look hard enough.

Kitty is on a mission to prove that disability and illness doesn’t mean the end of life as we know it. She writes about hating exercise, coping with blended families, Parkinson’s, and trying to reach the bottom of the laundry basket.

See here for more.

Lest We Forget – Stories of Survival and Hope

Wellington Access Radio is proud to announce an important new programme described by creator Mike Gourley as ‘disabled storytellers sharing their experiences of state and faith-based care’.

‘Lest We Forget – Stories of Survival and Hope’ is an eight-part radio programme in which Gourley creates space for stories that need to be told. Gourley also speaks with academics, disability advocates, and the parents of a disabled person who was taken into care.

The last two episodes feature Sir Robert Martin’s powerful statement of evidence to The Royal Commission of Inquiry into Abuse in Care.

Mike Gourley has a long history of radio broadcasting and disability advocacy, receiving the Queen’s Service Medal for services to people with disabilities in 2010. You can also hear him on the Wellington Access Radio programme ‘No Labels’, with co-host Thomas Bryan.

‘Lest We Forget – Stories of Survival and Hope’ begins on February 7 on Wellington Access Radio at 6pm. You can listen by tuning into to 106.1.FM or stream via

‘Lest We Forget – Stories of Survival and Hope’ is supported by The Royal Commission of Inquiry into Abuse in Care.


Otago Access Radio is excited to announce its latest addition to Youth Zone –  Factbeast!

Ajax Banstola (9) has been hosting Hamro Awaz – a Nepalese and Bhutanese culture programme with his father Ashik Banstola since he was just seven years old.

Ajax is super excited to start his own programme, Factbeast, where he gets to share amazing facts he researched and learnt from school. Join Ajax as he unearths facts that dare to delight, be it history, sports, science, and much more.

Factbeast on Youth Zone airs fornightly Fridays at 3.30 PM. Podcasts are available on, Spotify, Google Podcasts and Apple Podcasts.

Pep Talk with Fariya 

Fariya from Life Coaching With Fariya amplifies women’s voices, celebrates inspiring journeys, and fosters empowerment through candid conversations with incredible women. Join Fariya for her first episode on Plains FM.

Apple Podcasts –
Spotify –
Plains FM website –

Cult Chat

Join Dr Caroline Ansley, Lindy Jacomb, and Liz Gregory as they traverse the cultiverse. Journey with them as they unpack the cult playbook, talk to leavers of coercive and controlling groups in New Zealand, and share their stories.

On Cult Chat, hosts talk with experts to gain greater understanding of cultishness and call for Kiwis to cult-proof their lives.

“Cult Chat” is a home-grown Kiwi podcast available via Plains FM where each of the hosts are uniquely positioned to host a survivor-centric podcast, bringing their individual experiences of high control groups to the conversation.

Hosts have each spent years advocating for awareness, education and safety for survivors of harmful groups, and have had their own challenges in the cultisphere.

See here for more.

Awkward Talks

Brand new to Wellington Access Radio, Awkward Talks is a series of radio podcasts focused on harnessing vulnerability, authenticity, and a touch of awkwardness, to build connection and manaaki within the Aotearoa music community.

​Hosted by Tahini Bikini’s Cae (Ngāpuhi, Tainui) and solo artist Issy Walker, each episode they interview a locally and nationally renowned artist to speak on the opportunities and adversities that established and up-and-coming musicians face daily.

With a focus on building opportunities for yourself, how we individually show up in this professional space, and how that creates a ripple effect, the conflict between business and creativity, and group accountability.

Awkward Talks broadcasts every second Saturday from 12-12.30pm. Awkward Talks (