He rauemi mā ngā kura

Content-making for radio and podcasts

With the push for schools to create authentic learning experiences by integrating digital technologies and project-based learning into the classroom, busy teachers carry the burden of learning, planning, teaching, and assessing topics outside their expertise.

Plains FM has created a comprehensive programme that takes students through the audio content production process and reduces the amount of time teachers need to spend planning, preparing and organising these projects.

You can download a FREE activity from Content Making for Radio and Podcasts here.

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  • Aotearoa has more radio frequencies per capita than anywhere in the world and were early adopters of podcasting.
  • Audio is cheaper, faster and uses fewer resources to create than video projects.
  • Your local community access radio station is keen to support and broadcast student-created content!


  • This comprehensive resource reduces the amount of prep needed to teach and assess students in different settings & combined classes.
  • A great option for flipped and online learning with resources students can run with.
  • Alternative assessment opportunities for  students who excel in different settings.
  • Ideal for cross-curriculum integration and composite classrooms.
  • Audio production and editing are valuable real world skills.
  • Students will have a broadcast-quality product they can add to a digital portfolio.
  • Using accessible technology means students can keep creating content outside the classroom.
  • There are opportunities for youth involvement with local Community Access radio stations.
  • Minimal technology investment is required.
  • Showcase student podcasts on your school website.
  • Students will have the skills to create ongoing school shows.
  • Collaborating with local Community Access radio stations provides new extra curricular options and opportunities for students.
  • This resource has broken down the project into eight topics.
  • There are 39 mix-and-match activities teachers can pick and choose from based on students level, subject and assessment requirements.
  • The 45 pages of handouts reduces prep time.
  • With 11 detailed PowerPoints full of audio examples, links to external materials, embedded videos and documents, in-class and online presentations are ready to go!
  • Example assessments are included to be updated based on the level and subject being assessed.

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