OAR FM show makes history with the country’s longest-running programme

This year marks 90 years since Radio Church – originally known as Radio Church of the Helping Hand – was first broadcast across New Zealand’s airwaves.

Started in 1934 by Reverend Leslie Bourneman Neale and broadcast via now-defunct Station 4ZM,  Otago Access Radio is now the home to the weekly show hosted by a cross-denominational group from Dunedin ministries.

Reverend Donald Phillipps first started contributing to the show in the 1980s.

“I think there needs to be space for the person who is able to describe to others what is needed to do good in the year 2024. It’s not the same as what it was in 1934, and it is changing rapidly around the world.

“The ethical word, the word of justice and compassion, is needed even more than then.

“Radio Church has a place in the hearts and minds of a significant number of people, particularly those who are house-ridden, for whom it is an opportunity to join with others in an act of worship.”

OAR FM Manager Lesley Paris is proud of the station’s long association with Radio Church.
“It’s really fitting that OAR continues to provide a platform for this historic programme to connect with its community.
“Over the decades, listeners have consistently been able to draw comfort and inspiration in a fast-changing world.”

For more, Radio Church is available via accessmedia.nz, Apple Podcasts, and oar.org.nz.