Terry Shore celebrates 18 years at Wellington Access Radio

The name Terry Shore is well known throughout the musical community in Wellington. In fact, you are likely to hear the words ‘local legend’ following his name.

Terry is a singer-songwriter who has been presenting Terry’s Songwriters Show on Wellington Access Radio for 18 years this April. The show gives a chance for local unsigned artists to share their original music and be interviewed on air by Terry.

‘I have had hundreds and hundreds of musicians on my show over the years,’ says Terry. ‘I usually see people at open mic nights and then approach them to see if they want to come on my show. It’s all about giving unknown songwriters a chance to show what they do.’

Some of those songwriters have gone on to make a name for themselves in the New Zealand music scene. Terry remembers showcasing Mel Parsons and Louis Baker in the beginning of their music careers and is proud of the fact that he has been able to help promote local artists.

Wellington Access Radio is celebrating Terry’s anniversary by putting together a special programme featuring snippets of his many shows from the last 18 years.

Station Manager Pip Adam says, ‘I’ve been listening back to episodes of Terry’s show while putting together the anniversary special and it’s amazing the wealth of talent Terry has amplified through the 18 years he’s been broadcasting Terry’s Songwriters Show. The success of the show is Terry’s ability to give songwriters space to play and talk about their work on their own terms. Here’s to 18 more years!’

Terry is a singer-songwriter himself, with five albums and an EP to his name. He has been playing music in Wellington for the last 28 years and was recently featured on the Flying Nun video showcase ‘What Was That Thing?’.

Terry’s Songwriter Show won the Best Access Show at the 2007 New Zealand Radio Awards.

You can listen to Terry’s Songwriters Show on Saturdays 2.30-3pm, on Wellington Access Radio 106.1FM or livestream via www.accessradio.org.nz