WAR launches Givealittle to increase studio accessibility

Wellington Access Radio is launching a Givealittle campaign to purchase two speakers for their studio to make the room more accessible to the communities that use it.  

The station hosts over two hundred programme-makers who create over 80 programmes in over 20 different languages and broadcasts a wide range of shows on topics such as disability, language and culture, health, gender and sexuality, children and youth, and local music, arts and culture. 

Head Broadcast Technician Tony Kemp says that having speakers mounted in the studio would really help the programme-makers create media.  

‘Speakers mean that producers can communicate with their guests, and programme-makers can hear the interviews and songs on playback,’ says Tony.  ‘Speakers also make our space a lot more accessible for programme-makers that wear hearing aids or who are unable to wear headphones.’ 

The Givealittle campaign is being launched on May 4 with an accompanying fundraising video, and will run for 4 weeks. The station hopes to raise $1000 dollars to purchase the speakers. 

Station Manager Pip Adam says, ‘When people donate to Wellington Access Radio, they’re donating to so much more than just radio. They’re donating to community, accessibility, and participation. These speakers will make it possible for more people to make media by, for and about their communities.’  

About Wellington Access Radio 

Wellington Access Radio is the station that’s by, for and about our community. We’re a non-profit, grassroots charity which celebrates the diversity of Wellington. We provide a platform of representation for groups not usually heard in mainstream media, alongside arts, music, and local culture. You make the content. The station serves Wellington, the Hutt Valley and Porirua, with programmes made by diverse communities across the region. Anyone can make a programme or podcast with us, be interviewed, or have their music played on air – get in touch at info@accessradio.org.nz.